Monday, June 22, 2009

SaaS Inside Sales-Is Your Team Worthy of the Adjective Web 2.0?

Google has become a verb and Web 2.0 has become an adjective. Web 2.0 is just as much about an evolving buying process, employee mindset and way of utilizing your employees to their fullest, as it is about technology evolution. Web 2.0 has become an adjective you want associated with all of your products, services, processes, employees, trainings, compensations and culture. Are you Web 2.0?

15 Warning Signs That Your SaaS Inside Sales Group is Web 1.0-
1. It’s an entry-level job
2. The job is positioned as a great stepping stone
3. Decent pay
4. Primary goals of the team are not aligned with the business goals
5. The group is not considered strategic
6. The hiring process is easy and there are plenty of candidates
7. Phone conversations are based on requirements gathering only
8. The group never has the opportunity of going on an implementation of your software
9. The group never visits clients with sales directors or account managers
10. No or very little formal training/ramp up period
11. Little growth opportunities
12. The group is not part of sales strategy meetings or product development meetings
13. The group reports to the VP of Marketing
14. The group rarely works trade shows
15. The group does not know how to demo your product

15 Great Signs That Your SaaS Inside Sales Team is Web 2.0-
1. It’s a very sought after job
2. Turnover is very little
3. Excellent pay
4. You nurture prospects based on where they are in their buying process
5. Compensation is directly aligned with the company’s business & revenue goals
6. You set-up highly qualified calls/appointments for the sales directors
7. It takes time to find highly qualified candidates
8. Training program is very extensive and continuous
9. Phone conversations are focused on business goals and delivering value coupled with requirements
10. The team reports to the VP of Sales
11. The team accompanies services team on implementations
12. The team accompanies account managers on initial on-site
13. The team is part of product roadmap discussions and sales strategy meetings
14. The team works the booth at various tradeshows
15. The team can demo your product at a high-level or walk someone through an automated demo

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